Founded by Alexander the Great, this ‘Pearl of The Mediterranean’ is one of the most important centres of culture and literature in the Mediterranean and in Egypt. Additionally to the majestic Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Greco-Roman Museum and the Royal Jewellery Museum, the there is a Fine Arts Museum and Cultural Centre where you’ll find a spectacular collection of sculptures, paintings and architectural works, and “Cavafy’s House”, a museum dedicated to the Greek poet Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933) who lived in Alexandria. The museum is located in the poet’s old house on Lepsius Street 

Alexandria is also Egypt’s second largest city. The town full of  life and is a beautiful vacation spot for Egyptian as well. Here are some tips you can make use of while in Alexandria:

Remember to bring lots of sun screen before you travel to Alexandria 
Recommended Readings: Before heading to Alexandria, "The Alexandria Quartet" and  "Alexandria: A History and Guide"
Don't miss:
Don’t miss the sea food meal at one of Alexandria’s many sea food restaurants. 
Pay a visit to majestic Abu Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque, Alexandria is home to beautiful mosques such as -Al-Imam Al-Bousari mosque and the Nabi Daniel Mosque which are both worth a visit.
Diving for the Alexandria ruins is a unique unforgettable experience.
Alexandria hosts some of the North Coast’s most beautiful and lush gardens. The Montazah Palace Gardens and the Antoniadis Gardens are not to be missed. Antoniadis Gardens are located in the Semouha area, next to the Zoological Gardens of Alexandria, they were once owned by a Greek, Sir John Antoniadis, before being turned over to the Egyptian authorities in 1918. 
Facts About: Alexandria 
Town Area : 40 sq km
Population : 4.1 million
Visitors per Year : 5 million
Area Code : 3

Borj el Arab is the nearest airport on Egypt’s Mediterranean Coast. It is a small yet efficient airport and is also currently being improved as it receives more traffic. 

By Train
Alexandria is easily accessible via railways. The journey from Cairo takes around two hours but its preferred to pre-book your ticket.The train is air conditioned, non stop.

By Bus
Bus companies such as Superjet, East & West Delta and Upper Egypt