Marsa Alam

This small town on the Red Sea coast is fast gaining recognition as a lovely tourist location thanks to its exceptional diving sites and underwater fauna: while swimming in Marsa Alam you are likely to see dolphins, dugongs, turtles and a variety of marine wildlife.

Located 274 km south of Hurghada city, on the Red Sea, Marsa Alam's pleasant climate makes it a great vacation spot, winter temperatures have been known to reach 31°C and in summer they lie between 20 and 35°C.

Here are some tips you can make use of while on a holiday in Marsa Alam:

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Shopping: Head to the nearby Al-Quseir for your shopping. It’s where you can find the best deals. Marsa Alam has also many bazaars and shops that sell hand made crafts.
Exceptional Winds: Stronger wind speeds can be expected in Marsa Alam in the late summer and autumn. 
Culture Vultures: There are numerous historical sites to explore near Marsa Alam. The Umm Fawakhir region in Wadi Hammamat on the Edfu-Marsa Alam Road is home to pharaonic ruins, including the Temple of Seti I, while 150 km away from town you can visit the Tomb of Sheikh Hassan al-Shazili, which dates back to 656 AH, 1258 AD.
Nearby: From Marsa Alam you can head to other nearby Red Sea destinations such as Hurghada and Safaga, or even Luxor which is located 3 hours away and Aswan (133 km away).
While diving or snorkeling, avoid harming the underwater beautiful creatures and corals. Keep in mind also that you have to respect hunting and fishing prohibitions.
Food: The best restaurants in town are located inside the hotels and resorts. 
Where to stay: Marsa Alam offers a wide range of hotels and resorts suiting each and every budget. The offer includes 5-star hotels such as the Cataract as well as 1-star hotels such as “The Star of Marsa Alam

Your gateway to the Red Sea, and only 10 minutes from the Porto Ghalib Resort, this airport ranks high in efficiency, organization, and facilitation; the walking distances are small

By Bus
You can reach Marsa Alam by bus from Cairo (789 km). Bus rides from Cairo take about 7 hours.