Once a small fishing village, Hurghada has been turned into a luxury resort town, boasting some of the best diving holidays in the Red Sea. The town is divided into three main areas: Sigala where you can find many resorts on the beach side, mid-range hotels and restaurants galore. A little to the South is El-Memsha which is a strip of luxury resorts, and then there’s the charming older part of town El- Dahar with its bountiful bazaar.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in Hurghada:

Don't miss
Parachuting: Hurghada is one of the few cities on the Red Sea Riviera where you can get initiated to parachuting. Training centres are usually located in 5 star hotels 

Hiking: You can go hiking from Hurghada. In fact, many tour operators offer exploration tours of the nearby Red Sea Mountains. 

Safaris: Hurghada is a perfect starting point for exploration safaris through the nearby Eastern Desert of Egypt.

Culture: Hurghada isn’t all about beach fun, sunbathing and diving. From this coastal paradise you can head on day-trips to some interesting sites such as Caesar’s Town where a medieval fort awaits you, Umm Fawakhir, and Wadi Hammamat where you’ll explore Roman and Pharaonic ruins.

Diving and Snorkeling: on a snorkeling or diving boat trip make sure to take your passport as you will need it at the port,

Food: Thanks to its multicultural population, Hurghada offers a very wide choice of restaurants specializing in local, Middle Eastern, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and International cuisines. While most of the popular and cheap establishments are located in the Dahar area, western-like, upscale and exotic restaurants are located in Sigala and the northern part of the town, where new restaurants are added constantly.

By Air
Hurghada International Airport is located a mere 5 km away from Hurghada’s city center. 

By Bus
East Delta and Superjet run regular bus services between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. Their buses are air-conditioned and reliable.

By Ferry
A fast ferry service operates between the 2 major Red Sea destinations in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada City.The fast ferries depart from Hurghada 4 days a week and the trip covers a total distance of 56 nautical miles in 90 minutes.