The City of a Thousand Minarets, Cairo, is the bustlined and crowded capital of Egypt, offering a deluge of culture, whether Islamic, Coptic, and Modern or Ancient Egyptian. The city is divided into 4 main areas: Eastern Cairo, Western Cairo, Southern Cairo and Northern Cairo which are in turn divided into approximately 8 quarters per area.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in Cairo:

Don't miss:

The Nile:

Experience the Nile in Cairo by taking a short cruise through the nice capital. You can also have lunch at one of the moored restaurant boats while watching the river go by, or book a dinner cruise and enjoy a traditional dinner in the festive ambiance of a belly-dancing show on one of Cairo’s cruisers. 

Camel rides in Giza:

A camel ride is a must-do for every first-time Egypt traveler. - The Virgin Mary Tree: If you choose to go on a Holy Family Tour in Cairo, you’ll certainly visit Virgin Mary’s tree in the Mataria district. The actual tree you’ll see is a sycamore which was planted back in 1692 at the same location where the Holy Family is believed to have rested under a tree on their journey from Palestine to Egypt.

While strolling down the Al-Azhari Alley, behind Al-Azhar Mosque in Islamic Cairo, you’re bound to come across some amazing Ottoman and Mamluk residences, usually called “Beyt” or “Manzil”. Two of which have not to be missed: Manzil Zaynab Khatun and Beyt Al-Hrawi. While the first dates back to 1486, and holds the name of its last owner, the latter is known today as the “Arabic Oud House”, where Oud students and teachers flock from all over the Arab world to share their passion for the traditional instrument.

Don't forget to pick-up some souvenirs from Khan El Khalili. Typical souvenirs may include silver ware, gold, precious stones, copper ware, carpets and hand-made goods.


Dress Code: when in Cairo, respect the local customs by dressing appropriately, especially if you’re planning to visit churches, mosques and Islamic landmarks.

Drinking Water:

It is better to drink bottled water.


The Egyptian capital offers a wide choice of dining options ranging from extra-cheap and fast to upscale dining. You can try the traditional “Taameya”, “Ful Medammes” and all types of grilled Kebab sandwiches at any snack shop around the corner.

When visiting the pyramids dress comfortably. Sneakers and a cap are the way to go!

Facts About: Cairo

  • City Area : 453 sq km
  • Population : 6.8 million
  • Area Code : 2
  • Metro Passengers : 2 million/day


The Cairo International airport only 15 km from the business center of Cairo has recently opened a new terminal and is now capable of handling over 22 million passengers; many new facilities in the original 2 terminals have also been introduced. Such as an Automated People Mover, the Air Mall, and VIP lounges. A new highway has also been built making your trip to and from the airport quicker and traffic free.

By Train

A number of cities in Egypt are connected by a range of direct, indirect and sleeper trains. Visit the Egypt Rail website for more details.

By Bus

There's an extensive network of buses running between the major cities in Egypt. Bus companies such as Superjet, East & West Delta and Upper Egypt.