Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh, the peaceful Red Sea Princess, is the city where every second becomes an unforgettable memory. It is the key to every door that you want to explore. If diving is your door, then Sharm El Sheikh stunning coastlines are definitely your key. You can dive in Ras Um El Sid, Turtle Bay, and the Strait of Tiran. 

Here are some tips you can make use of while in Sharm el-Sheikh:

Don't miss:

Old Sharm: located near Sharm el-Maya, it is the oldest and most traditional part of Sharm El Sheikh. It is where you’ll experience the real Egyptian feel, with the bustling market, the busy port area, and the budget restaurants. Haggle to get your name written in a sand bottle at the best price and shop for handmade silver jewellery for souvenirs. Sharm is famous for these crafts.
Alf Leila w Leila Show: head out to Hadaba, in Ras Um Sid, to the Alf Leila w Leila resort for a mesmerizing dance show depicting Ancient Egyptian scenes. The performance is scheduled daily and includes belly dancing, folk dances and amazing sound & light shows.
A visit to Ras Mohamed National park (19 km away) by ferry, please check with your travel agent in advance or contact your hotel reception and try to secure a guided tour including lunch. The ferry usually departs at 9.00 a.m. returning at 5.00 p.m. and programs vary and may include fishing, snorkeling and diving.
You could also visit the nearby Abu Gallum and Nabq (35km away) protectorates.
Take a day trip to St. Catherine, visit the monastery and climb up Mount Moses. You have to be accompanied by a professional guide through your ascension of Mount Moses. Most tour operators seek the help of Bedouin guides, who are the most qualified. Please note that St. Catherine's Monastery is open to public till 1 pm only.  Please note that the monastery closes its doors to visitors on national holidays and religious events.
El-Tor: 100 km north from Sharm El-Sheikh lies El-Tor, the capital of the South Sinai Governorate. Archeological excavations have shown that it was a major trade port in ancient times. The locals’ main activity was fishing until a few years back when they’ve shifted towards agriculture and tourism. Take a trip to El-Tor from Sharm El-Sheikh to visit the beautiful beaches of Al-Nakhil and Al-Qamar, Moses Springs (Ouyoun Moussa), as well as historical sites and churches.

Snorkelling Equipment: If you intend to snorkel on your holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh and have special requirements when it comes to your equipment, consider bringing your own gear.
Internet: the entire city of Sharm El Sheikh is connected to the Internet via wi-fi connectivity. So although we would recommend kicking back and relaxing on the lovely beaches, you can still be connected wherever you go.
Make sure you put sun screen frequently to be constantly protected from the sun.
Consult with your hotel to book Bedouin dinners. If the hotel where you are staying cannot help you book, try any of the other many hotels in Sharm El Sheikh.
Food: Although most of Sharm’s visitors go for all-inclusive holiday packages which relieves them from having to think of where to eat in town, hundreds of restaurants are spread around in Sharm El-Sheikh and most of them are worth a visit. Apart from the traditional Arabic restaurants that serve the local and Middle Eastern staple food, there are endless options for vacationers who want to indulge in some exotic flavours, such as Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian and Chinese cuisines. The Old Market and Naama Bay are the main culinary hubs of Sinai’s touristic capital.
Drink Lots of Water: Get into the habit of drinking water even if you're not thirsty. In Sharm El Sheikh, the weather is so dry that it makes you constantly sweat even if you don't realize it as you're not wet.  However, make sure that your bottled water isn't ice cold 
It is strictly prohibited to fish any of the rare fishes or to tamper with the coral reefs.  Hunting is also prohibited especially inside national parks.
Mobile and Internet services are available throughout the city.

Facts About: Sharm El Sheikh 
Town Area : 42 sq km Population : 36000 Area Code : 69 

Located 20 minutes away from Sharm, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport caters to visitors from around the world making it the busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo's International Airport. The terminal hosts a duty free section as well as various restaurants.

By Bus
East Delta and Superjet bus companies run regular bus services between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh throughout the day.Their buses are air-conditioned and reliable. Food, drink and entertainment are provided as well.The journey runs for about 6 hours covering a total of about 630 km.