The Greace -Roman Museum is one of the most important Museum in ALX . In Alexandria , Graeco-Roman & Pheraonic religions mingled in the cult of serapis.

The shift from pagan religions to christianity can also be seen in the exhibits which show mummies, Hellenistic statues , busts of Roman emperors , Tanagra figurines and early Christian antiquities.The Catacombs of Kom- El Shoqafa consists of three levels , also houses Triclinium , where relatives used to sit on stone benches to feast the dead , and a central tomb with reliefs of bearded serpents. Inside , there are second century statues of Sobek & Anubis wearng Roman armour. It is a blend of Pharaonic Roman art.

The Roman Amphitheatre is discovered recently in the area of Kom AL- Dekka near the Roman museum. It consists of 12 rows of semi-circular marble seats for up to 800 spectators , galleries & sections of mosaic - flooring . It considered the only relic of its kind in egypt. in ptolemaic times, this area was a Park of Pan , arecreational garden surrounded by roman villas and bathsMontazah  Palace is a garden structure built in a mixture of Turkish & Florentine styles. It located on a high hill overlooking the most beautiful beach of Alexandria.Acres of gardens , & beautiful beach makes Montazah the one of the  most pleasure resort city.