Egypt museum, Giza Pyramids , Sphinx

The Egyptian Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world .It houses 250.000 antique pieces including mummies , sarcophagi & the fabulous treasures from the tomb of Tut Ankh Amun.Citadel of Saladin was built between 1176 & 1182 provids a panoramic view of Cairo from AI moqattam Hill.

The Citadel complex includes the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali ( Al Gawhara Palace) , The Millitary Museum & the citadel outdoor Theater The Mosque & school of Sulan Hassan is cosidered the masterpiece of Mamluke architecture, it includes bronze doors inlaid with gold and silver, marble panelling,and a fountain that used to run with sherbet on special occasions.

The Khan Khalili Bazaar is comprising an array of shops dating to the 14th Century AD where the tourist can by a lot of souvenirs.