Memphis & Sakkara, Pyramids & Sphinx

F/D Memphis & Sakkara, Giza Pyramids and Sphinx (Lunch & entrance not included)Description: Memphis is one of the oldest cities which was the capital of the ancient Egypt throughout the old kingdom .It includes the Temple for embalmin the Sacred Apis Bull , Which Shows the Various steps of embalming & the Albaster Sphinx that daites back to the old kingdomSakkara is the oldest Ancientr Egyptian lies a desert plateau , south-west of CairoGiza Pyramids is on the west bank of the Nile facing Cairo & on top of Giza plateau rise the three pyramids & it is one of the seven wonders of the world surrounded by small Pyramids & hundred of Mastabas & tombs for kings & nobels .The Ancient Egyptian built the Pyramids to be tombs to preserve the bodies of their dead kings.The great pyramid is the most famous structure in the world which was built by king Cheops around 2650 B.C. Its height now is 137 ms & almost 2.5 million blocks of stone were put into building this pyramid.Close to the eastern flank of the pyramid of Cheops lie three small pyramid dedicated either to his wives or family members. The second Pyramid is built by Kephren, south -west of his father pyramid though lower height:136 m. The base , it measures 215.5m square.The third Pyramid is built by Mycerinus ( Mankaure) , south -west  of the great second pyramid .it is much smaller than either (62 ms). It is distinguished by the fact that the lower part of its sides still retain their granite slab coveringsThe sphinx is a legendary statue for it has the body of lion .it is 70 ms long & 20 m high